The AEC industry is ripe for disruption by Augmented Reality. I recently gave a “Pecha Kucha”-style presentation about Augmented Reality at the Autodesk XSummit, where I provided a brief overview and history of AR through the lens of AEC. (My co-presenter, Joel Pennington, looked to the future, where AR platforms will empower the next generation of designers and makers.) Below is a loose transcript of portions of that presentation… enjoy!


augmented reality AR star wars heads up display HUD terminator boeing NFL first down R2-D2 Princess Leia help me obi wan only hope

Inspiration for AR comes from a variety of sources, from heads-up displays in the military, to the great science fiction stories of the 20th century; from the first industrial uses in manufacturing, to video-overlay AR in sports broadcasting. Augmented Reality has captured the imaginations of people seeking a better interface for designing…

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