Autodesk recently released an AutoCAD 2017.1.1 Update rectifying some of the issues caused by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, as mentioned in the Compatibility Issues with Autodesk Software and Windows 10 Anniversary Updates article.

Technical issues related to Windows 10 are highlighted in red.

2017.1 Update and Service Pack 1


  • Internal software security continues to be enhanced, closing potential exploits.

PDF Import

  • Importing a PDF Underlay that was attached with a relative path could fail.


  • Xrefs on a frozen viewport layer would plot.
  • AutoCAD in Citrix might not default to the primary display adaptor.


  • Occasional crashes when inserting some blocks a second time.


  • Occasional crashes when zooming out of a drawing following the 3D Orbit command.


  • Occasional crashes when purging DXF drawing files.

Web and Cloud

  • Occasional crashes when modifying the Online Options settings and signing in to Autodesk A360 from InfoCenter.


  • The Xref status incorrectly displays the “Needs reloading” message when the ataset is opened from a UNC path to a shared folder.


  • Occasional crashes when launching AutoCAD in Windows 10.
  • Occasional crashes when inputting the system time in long string format, and then using the DIM command.
  • Occasional crashes when switching layouts.
  • Occasional crashes when performing a 3D rotate in drawings containing a point cloud.
  • Occasional crashes when plotting to PDF using AccoreConsole.exe.
  • Occasional…

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