Bentley Systems is a very practical company, from the management to its products, and doesn’t invest in or develop technology for technology’s sake—and it’s one of the biggest high-tech companies you’ll find. Bentley has been following my advice, that technology works when it’s invisible, without even knowing it.

For example, look at the practical problem. How much dirt do I need to move or add to the site? What is needed to build my building? What and when is the end of life of the bridge?

The company not only has a box full of tools to get those answers, but also presents them in the language that the people with those kinds of problems and responsibilities can understand. Bentley has dozens of products, and if you’re new to the company, you may need a glossary. Two examples are Reality Modeling and ContextCapture.

At its annual “Year in Infrastructure” conference, CEO and founder Greg Bentley made the case in his keynote that since Bentley Systems’ acquisition and…

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