So of course many companies are declaring their BIM Level 2 capabilities. But what does it mean to be working on a BIM Level 2 project? How do we know if a project is truly BIM Level 2? As a company, or as an individual, what do you need to know about BIM Level 2?

BIM Ireland asked Ralph Montague, managing partner of ArcDox, a specialist BIM consultancy practice based in Dublin, to outline what companies need to know, and do, to comply with BIM Level 2.

A BIM Level 2 project requires a number of key things to take place. Here is a short checklist that we use at ArcDox, to review projects on a regular basis, to make sure the projects aim to complies with the BIM Level 2 process. While we have yet to come across a project that fully meets all these criteria, we find the…

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