Reverse engineering is an exciting technique that allows engineers and manufacturers to recover accurate dimensions of a product, which can be re-produced. Service providers who specialize in reverse engineering have special equipment and access to technologies that enable them to capture geometries of any scale and complexity. The measured object is then delivered in a required CAD format to replicate the object.

In many cases, you might need to reproduce an object for which there is no original design plans available. Thus, RE services are extremely specialized; and not every provider will have the capabilities to meet the requirements of each and every unique customer demands. Before you seek a support from reverse engineering service provider, here are few factors that you consider, to ensure that the deliverables they provide are as per your expectations:

Service Provider’s RE Knowledge Specific to Your Application

Product reverse engineering may not require accurate precision, if the application is for creating a 3D marketing video. But, if the requirement is to develop an exact replica of a critical component, say in an aircraft engine, measurement techniques are required to be highly precise and accurate. It is thus important to ensure that your service provider understands your application well, and selects the appropriate measurement and modeling techniques that are specifically used for your application type.

Apart from accuracy, it is also important that the…

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