for JT bi-directional translations

HAMAMATSU, Japan, Dec 16, 2016 – Elysium, a leading provider of CAD data translations and interoperability solutions, has announced that Elysium’s DirectTranslator has been certified as an approved tool for JT bi-directional translations by Daimler AG. The official certification was announced Nov 3, 2016 as part of Elysium’s accomplishment of successful meeting all of Daimler’s JT qualifications.

cad-validation_3d-html-reportIn 2014, Elysium was approved as the JT Data-Translation Provider to Daimler Supply Chain and has proven time and again to meet the challenges and requirements of Daimler. The Daimler requirements for JT encompass downstream use cases that include digital mock-up, publishing, assembly configuration confirmation, interference checking, design-in-context, space utilization, CAE and MFG simulation, and other functions.

Elysium has continued to grow its partnership with Daimler and has become the certified vendor for JT translations. JT has become the…

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