Emerson_logoEmerson Automation Solutions has launched the latest version of its reservoir characterization and modeling software. Through a host of features and greater workflow integration to support the Big Loop solution, Roxar RMS 10 provides improvements to the seismic to simulation workflow.

image-1612-rms10-data_buKey features of RMS 10 include:

  • Seismic to Simulation Workflow – RMS 10 comes with a number of improvements to the reservoir modeling workflow. A new Trace Viewer and enhancements to the snap to seismic technology supports geological risk quantification early in the process. There are improvements to both structural and property modeling with a more flexible stratigraphic framework, improved horizon modeling algorithms and a better isochore quality framework .There are also enhanced capabilities for building and maintaining flow simulation models.
  • Decision-Support Tools – RMS 10 provides greater workflow integration to support the Big Loop solution and has versatile reporting tools. This includes…

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