l2l_buLeading2Lean has introduced TraceCloud, a CloudDISPATCH engine designed to identify possible manufacturing problems across disparate systems in different plants.

It’s common for companies to use different traceability systems for each of its plants. Discovering issues and tracking them across various systems can take days and tie up precious IT resources ultimately needed in other areas. Some discovery processes may even include shutting down production. With TraceCloud, companies can access aggregated data from multiple systems and find issues in minutes.

When a problem is detected—because of a faulty product, for example—TraceCloud is able to alert production teams about the problem, and allow for quick access to the data necessary to identify the root cause. Manufacturers can then contain the suspect material, ultimately preventing the quality issue from being perpetuated or shipped. Once the system has contained the material, TraceCloud enables quick decision-making based…

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