NEW YORK, NY, Dec 6, 2016 – Magnacad, LLC today announced the released of their “Magna-Catalogs 2017″ collection designed specifically for IronCAD users. Magna-Catalogs are developed using only the functionality found in the core architecture of IronCAD solutions. By not using any specific programming language to develop them, makes them ideal for IronCAD users to adapt and modify to suit their own needs without the need for programming skills. Magnacad will maintain this practice moving forward. So as new tools are implemented in the IronCAD solutions, these catalogs will evolve with them.

"Mag-ZYYX" catalog Build plate and material calculation

“Mag-ZYYX” catalog Build plate and material calculation

Magna-Catalogs are automatically provided to Magnacad customers who are on a current support maintenance program. ” We value our customers support and by providing Magna-Catalogs is just another way we strive to provide them with quality tools that promote productivity and education” said Tom Lehnhaeuser, president, Magnacad, LLC….

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