Massa Products Corp., introduces MassaSonic PulStar TTL Ultrasonic Sensors – your go to sensor when start‐up time, control, and low power matter most.

PulStar TTL is the newest addition to the MassaSonic PulStar Line of Ultrasonic Sensors. These mighty sensors deliver advanced user controls with low power – 5V DC. They communicate with the customer’s control system using asynchronous UART TTL signals operating at 1.8V levels. With a startup time of less than 500 msec., these sensors allow system integrators to develop optimal products with low power drain, which is particularly important when utilizing batteries. The PulStar TTL is UL, C1D1, and CE compliant in a properly integrated system!

Don Massa, CTO and president of Massa Products Corp. states that, “The MassaSonic PulStar TTL gives you the controls that eliminate false echoes and unwanted detection. At Massa we have two main concerns; we want to understand our customers’ desires for what they are trying to…

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