SensoPart’s FT-25C color sensor in miniature housing is available in a revised format with improved color detection functions. The FT 25-C is equipped with a range of functions similar to those of much larger color sensors, enabling flexibility when adapting to different applications. The most important sectors of use are the detection of colors / register marks, label detection in packaging and labeling machines, and lid control in bottling plants. Here the sensor is able to differentiate between nuances in color.

bild_ft25_cThe miniature color sensor can also detect “non-colors” such as black, white and grey, as well as colors in the RGB spectrum.

When teaching the sensor an object color (operating mode “color/color”), the user now has a choice of three options: besides a medium resolution with a 3 mm depth of focus, it is now also possible to set a fine resolution with a 2 mm depth of focus or a coarse resolution with a high depth of focus (6 mm). While the “fine” setting…

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