GUANGZHOU, China, Dec 6, 2016 – ZW3D, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, announced the global availability of ZW3D 2017, featuring more practical and flexible modeling & CNC functionalities.


Equipped with a stronger compatibility, flexible sheet metal module and boosted CAM module, ZW3D 2017 is set to boost design for the manufacturing industry with the highlights below.

Enhanced Translator for Smooth Data Exchange

With the enhanced translator, ZW3D 2017 has a stronger compatibility. It can easily read data like PMI (product manufacturing information) and hidden entities generated by mainstream 3D software (including CATIA V5/V6R2016 and SolidWorks 2016).


Upgraded Dynamic Section View to Present Design Vividly

This function offers a much-improved dynamic section view to reveal the internal structure of the design interactively, delivering better user experience to present designs both internally & externally.


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