Extends Glyph scripting language

FORT WORTH, TX, Jan 2, 2017 – The latest release of Pointwise’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software has been extended such that its Tcl-based Glyph scripting language can be called from any scripting language including Python. This new Glyph Server feature was motivated by a user’s presentation at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2016.


Demonstration of Pointwise’s new Glyph Server capability with vastly expanded scripting opportunities.

“The Glyph Server idea arose after talking to the customer who presented his work on ‘A Python Binding for the Pointwise Glyph Scripting Language’ at our user group meeting,” said John Chawner, Pointwise’s president. “Not only were we able to share new code with the customer to simplify his work but the conversation made us realize how to make Glyph callable from any scripting language.”

The new Glyph Server feature lets users execute scripts from within Pointwise written in…

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