downloadReliable Controls has released RC-Studio 3. Recognized as an all-in-one advanced workstation, RC-Studio provides building operators with BACnet programming functionality.


The software responds well to the touch and gestures of mobile devices, and supports fluid copying and pasting between worksheets and 3rd party applications. Operators will appreciate the ability to save and load multiple System Lists, choose connection preferences, and customize the System Tree to optimize the discovery of BACnet devices. A new animation interface allows HTML images from RC-GrafxSet to be used in RC-Studio’s System Groups, which resolves the format wars brought on by iOS devices. An initial offering of HTML Multipoint Animations within RC-GrafxSet significantly improves the creation and modification of dashboards within RC-Studio. Specialty HTML animations for creating tables, linking and annotating Google-like maps, and integrating the analysis Components from RC-Reporter are also included. A…

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