tektelic_logoLAS VEGAS, NV, Jan 4, 2017 -TEKTELIC Communications, a leading manufacturer of LoRa IoT gateways has partnered with myDevices, an internet of things (IoT) solutions company that simplifies the connected world, and OrbiWise, a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for IoT, to showcase their combined end-to-end solution for the Internet of Things at CES 2017.

Combining the capabilities of TEKTELIC’s highly versatile and low cost KonaEdge LoRa Pico gateway and the market leading OrbiWise UBiQ LoRa Core Network server, the data from end devices can be quickly and easily visualized in the myDevices Cayenne IoT application platform. The key advantage of the combined solution is rapid and user friendly enablement of IoT connectivity from the ‘things’ of interest, through to the end user visible applications.

The KonaEdge Pico LoRa gateway is an 8 channel plug-and-play LoRa gateway that connects directly into an existing broadband service, self-configures, and extends LoRa…

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