TULA, Russia, May 26, 2017 – CADSoftTools has released CAD .NET 12, a new version of a .NET library for work with DWG, DXF and other CAD files.

The major enhancement of the new CAD .NET version is considerably increased speed of GDI+ visualization. This can be easily noticed while loading large files that have a complicated structure. For instance, visualization speed of some files containing enormous number of entities is now tenfold higher.

What is more, now CAD .NET can import AutoCAD DWG 2018, the latest DWG version that has been recently released.

Besides, the way CAD .NET works with non-unicode SHX texts and shapes has been significantly improved. This improvement is especially important for systems using local non-unicode fonts, e.g. special characters in German, French, Hebrew and other languages.

The list of improvements included into CAD .NET 12:

  • GDI+ visualization speed greatly enhanced
  • Import of AutoCAD DWG 2018
  • Non-unicode SHX texts/shapes support improved
  • Bug…

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