DEARBORN, MI, May 3, 2017 – EnvisionTEC, a leading global manufacturer of professional-grade 3D printers and materials, has launched a new power protection system line of accessories to ensure that voltage fluctuations and power outages don’t disrupt the 3D printing process for its users.

More than just a battery backup system, the new EnvisionTEC Power Protection System (PPS) conditions or cleans the power supply from noise and other issues that may interfere with high-value 3D print jobs, where a consistent supply of energy is crucial.

In recent years, energy supplies have become less reliable in key markets worldwide, including the United States, where the number of power disruptions has been increasing, causing millions of dollars in losses, according to and other sources. Oftentimes, consumers may not even realize that technology hardware downtime is caused by power-related problems.

“Because our customers are power users — professionals and manufacturers who…

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