will be available in June 2017

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, May 31, 2017 – MSC Software Corp. announced the seventh release of MSC Apex, the company’s award winning next generation CAE platform.

Structures such as large cranes, ship hulls, or shipyard ramps are typically massive assemblies often including 1000s of parts welded together and present unique challenges to finite element modeling, model validation, and simulation. Due to the sheer number of parts, users need weeks to months to build finite element models (if at all possible), and often struggle to run simulation for more than a few design iterations. As a result, engineers often rely on more approximate methods to evaluate these large fabricated structures.

With its latest release, Grizzly, MSC Apex delivers a unique solution to expedite modeling and validation tasks in an integrated and generative workflow for rapidly iterating on the design to validate stiffness, strength, and stability of large assemblies. “With MSC Apex…

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