CAMBRIDGE, MA, May 25, 2017 – Onshape, the leading professional 3D CAD platform for Agile Product Design, has introduced a self-guided online Learning Center for experienced engineers and designers to speed up their transition from traditional desktop-installed CAD to full-cloud CAD. Access to the Onshape Learning Center is free for all annual Professional Plan subscribers.

The new Onshape Learning Center gives engineers and designers an online crash course in the fundamental differences and similarities between traditional file-based CAD systems and full-cloud Onshape, the only CAD system enabling multiple design team members to simultaneously work on the same 3D model.

The new curricula offerings, or Learning Pathways, are broken down into short introductory courses with practice exercises that CAD professionals can complete at their own pace and also revisit later. The Learning Center was created as an alternative onboarding option to Onshape’s popular live interactive Overview…

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