LOS ANGELES, CA & NEEDHAM, MA, May 2, 2017 – PTC today announced from Vision Summit that the Vuforia platform, the most widely used software for augmented reality (AR) development, will support devices based on Tango, a set of sensors from Google, for development of a new generation of interactive AR experiences.

The Vuforia AR platform uses advanced computer vision technology to enable digital content to be placed in real-world environments. Today, most AR content is associated with a specific object such as a toy, catalog or piece of machinery. Content is typically triggered by the object, and does not have the ability to interact with surfaces in the surrounding environment such as the floor, walls, furniture, fixtures, etc. This lack of interaction remains a barrier to a wide range of room-scale AR experiences.

The Vuforia Smart Terrain feature addresses this challenge by providing developers with an easy-to-use representation of the physical environment. Vuforia Smart…

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