AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, May 26, 2017 – SolidPlant B.V has released SolidPlant 2017.

SolidPlant 2017 features:

Advanced ‘Smart Route’

SolidPlant 2017 greatly increases the flexibility when working on pipe routing. Their routing feature ‘Smart Route’ now makes it possible to work on separate parts of the same line, even open‐ended pipes, and connect them to each other at any time to form a complete stretch of pipe. By selecting the tie points of the line, ‘Smart Route’ will automatically create the route line and generate the 3D model, including all the components
from the selected specification.

Copy Pipe

In SolidPlant 2017 the user has the possibility to copy an entire pipe line, regardless of the number of components. Each and every component (valves, flanges, elbows, etc.) will be copied while still retaining the link with the underlying database. The tag of the newly copied pipe line will be automatically updated. In projects with a lot of typical pipe lines, this
feature is…

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