Autodesk BIM 360 Ops, according to its blurb, is a “mobile first maintenance management” tool designed to allow contractors and building owners to streamline the handover process, as well as the operations of the building once construction is complete.

Formerly known as Autodesk Building Ops, the application allows real time maintenance alerts for work teams, and sends the right data to the right personnel at the right time. Information is conveyed through a tidy GUI that seems focused on usability, displaying only relevant and useful data to the end-users while hiding all the backend stuff for the more advanced user (or admin).

Maintenance tasks are divided up into three main groups:  “reactive”, “preventative” and “predictive”. 

Figure 1 Maintenance-team view (Credit: Autodesk)

Figure 1 Maintenance-team view (Credit: Autodesk)

Reactive maintenance tasks are assigned tickets as and when they occur, allowing maintenance staff to deal with them on the fly, and also features a “nearby” ticket…

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