YOKNEAM ILLIT, Israel, June 6, 2017 – Datumate, provider of the innovative, aerial photogrammetry solutions that are digitizing traditional construction and land surveying, announced today that its DatuSite suite – an aerial mapping and 3D modeling solution for field construction sites – will be offered at Datumate’s online store.

DatuSite Step 1: Image Upload & Link (Image Courtesy: Datumate.com)

DatuSite will be available for purchase worldwide beginning this week, with a range of monthly and annual subscription plans. The layered offering enables Datumate to provide its cutting-edge solution to a wide variety of customers – from individual surveyors to earth moving construction companies.

DatuSite Step 2: Geo-Reference and Scale (Image Courtesy: Datumate.com)

The DatuSite solution utilizes drone images to generate maps as well as 2D and 3D models. It runs instant stockpile volume calculation, and generates construction monitoring reports that can be viewed on your desktop in…

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