HUNTSVILLE, AL, June 12, 2017 – EcoSys, the industry standard for enterprise project controls software, today announced a corporate entity rebrand. EcoSys will now use the name of its parent division, Hexagon PPM, signaling deeper integration in operations and products. Hexagon PPM (formerly known as Intergraph Process, Power & Marine), acquired EcoSys in October 2015.

The enterprise project controls software platform named EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls) will now simply be called “EcoSys,” a brand that has grown to define world-class project controls.

Since the acquisition of EcoSys in 2015, the use of EcoSys project controls technology has expanded within Hexagon AB to satisfy project controls needs in multiple industries. EcoSys product integration has also progressed with the Hexagon PPM portfolio to enable dynamic progress updates for large projects. EcoSys is evolving into the foundation technology for dynamic project analytics for many clients, fueled by new…

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