EDINBURGH, Scotland, June 1, 2017 – EDEM, the market leader in Discrete Element Method (DEM) technology, announced the release of EDEM for LMS Virtual.Lab Motion – a simulation tool that enables engineers to include realistic bulk material loads as standard in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion multi-body solution without the need for DEM knowledge or expertise in bulk material simulation.

EDEM for LMS Virtual.Lab Motion has been developed specifically for engineers who use LMS Virtual.Lab Motion of Siemens PLM Software in the design of heavy equipment such as diggers, excavators and bull dozers that are intended to handle bulk materials like rocks, ores, soils and ores.

When in operation, the performance of such equipment – from stresses on load arms, to the hydraulic forces, to the traction of the tyres and delivery of power – is dependent to some degree on the bulk material being handled. Understanding how equipment will perform in a specific material environment is critical to…

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