Microscan has announced the release of AutoVISION 3.0.3 machine vision software with advancements addressing the need of end users to deploy technologies.

An FTP Image Save tool enables the user to keep a better track record of the work history, meet quality management requirements and improve the automation processes by saving passed, failed, or all images to an FTP server for later review.

Manufacturers using different networks in a factory, and geographically distributed companies with remote locations and technical support will now also be equipped with the Cross Subnet Communications technology available in Version 3.0.3 to connect to cameras across different networks and locations for programming and monitoring the system.

A serial command for downloading a job to a device via TCP/IP socket provides the user with the ability to control the system with an external computer without the need to install AutoVISION on the controlling device.

AutoVISION 3.0.3 supports Vision Mini,…

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