SANTA CLARA, CA, June 1, 2017 – PTC announced from Augmented World Expo that the Vuforia platform, the most widely used software platform for augmented reality (AR) application development, will expand to include a new remote presence capability for developers, consumers, and businesses.

Vuforia Project Chalk will bring a new dimension of interactivity to a video call, in which one person can digitally annotate another’s physical environment. The result is one person can provide guidance to another from a remote location with similar effectiveness as being in the same physical space.

Project Chalk will enable people of all ages to complete unfamiliar or challenging tasks with guidance from friends, family, colleagues, and professionals. For example, busy parents can assist children with homework or projects at home, do-it-your-selfers can get assistance from each other or a local handyman, and families with aging members can provide guidance to overcome everyday challenging…

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