STAFFORDSHIRE, UK, June 13, 2017 – Theorem Solutions’ 3D PDF Document Publishing product, Publish 3D, is a fully integrated solution supporting Model Based Definition (MBD) processes for downstream data re-use.

Image Courtesy: Theorem website

Working directly from within a CAD design session, the 3D PDF document publisher supports the creation of documentation into the 3D PDF format, combining interactive 3D design data representations with full Product Manufacturing Information (PMI). 3D PDF documents can be used during the manufacturing process, removing the requirement for 2D drawings to be output from the CAD source data.

This solution offers enhanced functionality enabling the design author to pass information including PMI, Geometry, Assembly Structure, Metadata, and Visualization attributes directly to the manufacturing department – without the need for a single drawing to be produced.

It is now possible for a manufacturing engineer to work directly with a 3D…

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